Welcome to Futures the prestigious new Futures Entrepreneurship Centre launched by Plymouth University in November 2013.  The purpose of the Futures Entrepreneurship Centre is to provide a creative and social space in which entrepreneurship and social enterprise can flourish and become a force for global organisational, societal, economic and environmental change. 

This is a new resource led by the Plymouth Business School to realise the vision of Plymouth University as the ‘Enterprise University’ by providing a University wide unique experience that enables the development of an enterprising mindset and will allow an entrepreneurial career option and/or enhance the profile and skills of the graduate student to enhance employability prospects.  

The key activities of Futures will be underpinned by the core pillars of social, ethical and sustainable entrepreneurship. Futures will act as a focal point for entrepreneurial education, research and third mission activity for the South West of England business community.  This process will encourage the creation, development and growth of sustainable business within the South West region.  Activities will focus on contributing towards the socio-economic growth of the South-West Region and therefore necessitates that all activities are real time and real life.

“More than half of recruiters warn that graduates who have had no previous work experience at all are unlikely to be successful during the selection process and have little or no chance of receiving a job offer for their organisations’ graduate programmes.”  High Fliers 2012

In today’s globalised world, more students are going to university than ever before and graduates need more than just their degree to stand out from the crowd to potential employers. Participation in work based learning, such as the Inspiring Futures initiative, gives students the chance to apply their theoretical studies to real work situations and enhance their employability prospects, whilst adding value to organisations.

Benefits for Clients

There are numerous benefits for organisations offering work based learning opportunities to students:

  • Students often bring fresh eyes and fresh thinking. Sometimes the simple questions asked by students as they try and understand a business are more effective than much more expensive consultancy
  • Gain access to a flexible source of talented people who can help with the short terms needs of your organisation.
  • Improve your links with the University, which can provide all kinds of opportunities that can help your organisation.
  • Assess the contribution of the student to see if there is a future role that is beneficial to your organisation and the individual.

Our five key pillars help us discover, develop and deliver global opportunities for you

Our five pillars

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Futures is a new resource led by the Plymouth Business School to realise the vision of Plymouth University as the 'enterprising university'

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Our enterprise mission and leading position in the sector for sustainability and teaching excellence means we are the perfect partner for The Centre.

Dominic List is working with Futures to establish a programme which aims to encourage and support student entrepreneurship

Dominic List and Futures

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