Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics at Plymouth is a blend of excellent teaching and high-level research. In the 2013 National Student Survey, 100 per cent of our final year students agreed that our lecturers are good at explaining things, and we had a 98 per cent agreement that the course is intellectually stimulating. In addition, 98 per cent agreed that the open door policy of our lecturers meant that they could contact staff when needed. Students were also very happy with the feedback they obtain: 93 per cent agreed that “I have received detailed comments on my work” compared with only 64 per cent on mathematics degrees across the rest of the UK.  Also 89 per cent agreed that “Feedback on my work has helped me clarify things I did not understand” compared to only 67 per cent elsewhere.

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Mathematics and statistics facilities

Our students have access to a range of modern facilities.

Students are provided with individual iPad minis.

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Mathematics and statistics research

​Our research covers a wide range of mathematical and statistical fields through our Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Excellence in pure and applied mathematics, statistics and theoretical physics.

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Maria Leijerstam - graduate profile

I chose Plymouth’s School of Computing and Mathematics as it offered a wide variety of subjects being delivered by some very inspirational lecturers.

Senior Business Improvement Consultant.

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Welcome to mathematics at Plymouth

Professor David McMullan, Head of Mathematics and Statistics, and final year student Dan Hodges discuss what it’s like to study here and show you some of our facilities.

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