Term dates

2014/15 standard term dates

Autumn term Welcome week 22 September 2014
Start 29 September 2014
End 19 December 2014
Spring term Start 12 January 2015
End 27 March 2015
Summer term Start 20 April 2015
End 29 May 2015

The final date of re-enrolment for 2014 is 29 September.

2015/16 standard term dates

Autumn term Welcome week 21 September 2015
Start 28 September 2015
End 18 December 2015
Spring term Start 11 January 2016
End 18 March 2016
Summer term Start 11 April 2016
End 27 May 2016

Every effort has been made to ensure that the dates provided are accurate. However, students should note that dates are subject to change. If your course includes any periods of placement, do check with your faculty for advice on whether this affects your course duration.

Booking accommodation for term time 

Term dates for your course may affect the contract length you would like for your accommodation, so do check if your course has non-standard dates.

View the list of courses with non-standard dates, students on which commonly use different accommodation contract lengths of 40, 42, 44 or 51 weeks. Our standard term dates equate to a 40 week accommodation contract.

Halls and available contract lengths

You can match your course duration with our available halls of residence contract lengths detailed on our accommodation pagesPlease note not all contract lengths are available for all halls.